4 Easy Personal Security Tips for Everyone

While we hope that it isn’t anything you ever need to worry about, the team at INO Protect wants to be sure you are always keeping your personal safety and security top of mind. In our busy world, it’s easy to be distracted when doing just about any of your normal daily activities. When you find yourself out alone, here are some easy personal security tips that might keep you from looking like a target to criminals seeking an easy mark.

1)     Limit (or stop) your use of headphones: Nothing offers quicker and more tangible proof that you aren’t paying full attention to your surroundings than eliminating one of your major senses! We know that going for a run or a long walk with the dog can get monotonous without some music, but consider wearing only one earbud in order to maintain your ability to listen and react to your environment.

2)     Carry your bag on your shoulder: Fashion is always changing, but don’t let a small holiday clutch or seasonal tote lead to a loss of your prized possessions. When you are out, be sure you have a purse with a shoulder strap, preferably one you can carry cross-body, to keep your goods secure and make a purse snatching less likely.

3)     Keep your car locked until you are ready to enter it: With public parking and crowded lots, the temptation to use your key fob to unlock and locate your vehicle is strong. But if you unlock your car without having a good visual of the full area, you may be inviting someone to enter before you do. Always note your parking location, even tap it quickly into your phone before you leave the vehicle. If you can’t locate your car, try using the alarm instead to quickly sound and flash your location.

4)     Keep your head up: This seems like common sense, of course, but how many times have you checked a text or stopped to tie your shoe on the way to your destination? If you’re like us, it happens more than you think! But keeping your head up, watching the street activity around you, signals you are paying attention and ready for what may come your way. If you’re unsure of a meeting location or need to verify something on your phone, use the voice to text features or turn up the volume on your map. Then you can be confident in getting where you need to be while keeping your eyes on your surroundings.

Just performing the common sense items above can lead to stronger sense of security for you and potentially encourage anyone up to no good to move on. If you desire an added layer of security, INO Protect offers a wide range of powerful and discreet personal protection items that are easy to keep on your keychain, in your purse, or even in your pocket. Find the right product for you on our products page.

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